Need a New Look? Just Move!

You’ve got a smart phone, he but do you have a smart dress? One which changes its hue each time you move? The latest in creative textile design allows you to have just that. Learn more about this innovative science project.

At the Concordia University in Canada researchers have come up with an interactive electronic fabric that uses body heat of the human wearing the fabric to change its visual look. The project has been aptly named Karma Chameleon said Joanna Berzowska, professor and chair of the department of design and computation arts at the university.

The biggest difference with this fabric is that the electronic components have been woven into the fabric itself rather than being attached to it separately. Many layers of polymers are used in the fabric which start interacting with each other as they are stretched giving rise to the different visual patterns in the fabric.

The textile industry is calling this the new “smart fabric” and there are hopes that the material will soon be available to make actual garments. There is more than one fashion house watching closely to see how this science project develops further. Imagine the possibilities of future garments made using this fabric!

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