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Science at Work

Ever wonder in what all forms science touches our lives? Think of your daily routine. List out everything that you do and then co-relate it to functioning science. It will give you a great insight into just how much science is at work in your daily life to make you more comfortable.

From the time that you get up to the time that you sleep, you use science in your life. When you open the faucet in the sink you are using science. When you heat your milk you are using science. When you wear light weight and warm clothes you are using science.

Strangely we don’t even realize that science is at work in our daily life. We take so many things for granted. It is only when we try and get back to nature that we suddenly realize how dependant we are on science and the gadgets it provides us for our comfort. Remember that last camping trip and how much you missed the gadgets?

Now here’s the real surprise. Do you know how half these gadgets that we can’t imagine living without came into being? Some one decided to take a look at how to make a process easier to do and did some science experiments. Then came up with a working model of a science project. Made some tests and viola, a new gadget was born.

So when you sit down to pick out your science fair project, remember one day people will say that they can not imagine living with out it. Even if all you want to do it have some fun, here’s some things that you should know. Just remember a science project can be as interesting as you like to make it.

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Science Fair project does not equal to boring!

Are you the kind of person who thinks science is boring? Do you feel learning about science makes you sleepy? That it will serve no purpose if you know about conductivity or not. That science fair projects are a waste of time. And that they are the most boring activity that you have to do as part of school work?

Then this should help change your mind. Think about some things that you enjoy. Do you like to watch TV? Play video games or even play basket ball? Do you think they have nothing to do with science? Think again. Each of these activities that you enjoy is based on some scientific principle.

The TV you watch was initially based on the Cathode Ray principle. Now the screens are getting slimmer because they are using the LCD or Liquid Crystle Display technology. Did the TV just get invented one day? No it was probably a science project in the making for some time before it came to the form we see it in now. And guess what people are still making working models of TVs that will be better than the ones we have right now.

Constant innovation is why science is dynamic and never dull. The video games that were available a generation ago were plugged into the TV. Now you have hand held video games. Miniaturisation is also achieved through scientific exploration. Can you imagine that the next science fair project you make could turn into cutting edge technology one day? How can that be boring! Just change how you think about science and the boring tag will disapper.

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Science Projects for the Summer

There’s a lot of things that you can do to make science theory come to life in science projects. It doesn’t matter that its the summer holidays. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have school. What matters is that you want to do a science project or science experiment during the summer at home.

Why would you want to do some science experiment at home? Because it can really be a whole lot of fun. It can be a great way to see science in practical activities. Plus, its a great way to learn boring science theory. Don’t yawn when you see your science book for next term. Make it come alive but doing a few interesting experiments.

Make sure you tell your parents what you want to do and get their permission. We don’t want them coming home to see smoke coming out of your room and not knowing what you have been up to. So make sure you clear the ideas that you want to work on with them first.

Now that you have permission, ask them for help with the materials that you will need for the science projects as well. It will get you started out much faster. If its simple experiments you can use stuff lying around the house that your parents can spare. For specific experiemnts you might want to get proper material.

If you are looking for any ideas be sure to check out this site here. I am sure that you will find something that interests your scientific spirit there. Have fun with what ever you are doing.

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Materials to use for a Display Board

What do materials do you use to make the display board for your science fair project? The usual answers would include white paper, pens, and coloring material. It is what you would use for any of the project work that you get in school, isn’t it?

Now tell me why you can’t use something more unconventional? Does it have to be on paper? Can you think of using a different base such as a metal sheet? Or may be the inner smooth bark of a tree? Wouldn’t you agree that it would make an interesting display board?

Try and use the material that complements the project you are doing. For instance if it is a fauna or plant related related project the tree bark would be a fabulous idea. If you are doing something with electric current, a few wires in mock circuits would give the display board a great look.

Just select the topic of the science project first. Then once you know in which direction your science fair project is headed, you can choose complementary materials to spruce up your display board. There are so many creative options when you just stop and think about it.

Yes it is tough to narrow down your choice to a single idea. Some things seem interesting before you begin them, but become boring when you try out the project. Electrical Conductors are easy and fun to do. Plus the display board does not get a very long look over when there is a working model to play around with.

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Science Fair Project and Display Board

It is the summer vacation. It is the last time you want to think about school work. Yet I think in the last post I made it clear why its a good idea to do some background work in advance. So if you have all that time to kill right now, put it to productive use. Get your ideas and thoughts together for the coming school year.

As it will all have to be done any way. Attending classes, assignments, sports try outs and competitions. These will all take up a major part of your productive time during the school year. You know its true. So get the science fair project out of the to do list and into the completed assignments box.

Pick out the idea you want to work on. Get the model made. Write out your report. Make the display board. In short have it all done and ready in the summer. The whole process is done with and over even before the pressures of school can begin to get you down.

Most often people are so fatigued by the time they get the project off the ground that they have no time to work on the display board. This is a big mistake. No matter how fantastic your project is, it will need an equally good display board to get noticed by the judges at the science fair. If you need more tips take a look right here. Just make sure that the whole package looks good when put together.

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Plan ahead for your science fair project

Have you been wondering what to do with all the spare time on your hands recently? After the summer holidays begin most students claim to get bored as there is nothing to do at home. I disagree. In fact I feel there’s a lot of productive things that you can do sitting at home. Yes even in the holidays when there is no real work possible.

You can plan ahead for next year’s science fair project. Get the correct idea that you want to prove or disprove. Work out what you need to write in the science project report. Check out how you want to decorate the display board. Even make a working prototype of the model that you wish to construct.  See there’s so much you can do right now.

All this work now will save you a lot of time later on. Then at the last minute you will not be running around in a panic like a headless chicken. All the background work would already be in place and all you will need to do is implement it. If this sounds like too much work in the heat then think about it this way. You will have to do it later on in any case.

Plus at that time you will also have other things to worry about such as classes, friends, sports, and home work. So does it not make sense to be a bit proactive and finish off part of the work now? If you are looking to just have some fun try out this expeiment here. I am sure you will enjoy it as it is not work.

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