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Making that Perfect Display for your Science Project

You have worked hard on your science project. You went through mountains of ideas and picked out the best one. Then you got to work building up your model. You went through the whole process and finally got your experiments right. Now you have the perfect science fair project in your hands. You are waiting eagerly for the day of the science fair.

The day that every one gets to see the great project you made. Just a little thought here, have you considered how you are going to display your wonderful project? Is there a display board accompanying your model to explain exactly what it is all about? Or will you personally explain just what your project is all about to each and every person who walks across to see it?

Here are a few things that you can do as even an elementary science project needs a great display. That’s why you must not leave the display to chance. You need to put in a bit of effort into just how you want to show off your model or experiment or what ever you have made for the science fair. The ideas given in this post will help you to do just that.

Why not make the perfect display for your Science Project. After all you did make the perfect science project.

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Materials to use for a Display Board

What do materials do you use to make the display board for your science fair project? The usual answers would include white paper, pens, and coloring material. It is what you would use for any of the project work that you get in school, isn’t it?

Now tell me why you can’t use something more unconventional? Does it have to be on paper? Can you think of using a different base such as a metal sheet? Or may be the inner smooth bark of a tree? Wouldn’t you agree that it would make an interesting display board?

Try and use the material that complements the project you are doing. For instance if it is a fauna or plant related related project the tree bark would be a fabulous idea. If you are doing something with electric current, a few wires in mock circuits would give the display board a great look.

Just select the topic of the science project first. Then once you know in which direction your science fair project is headed, you can choose complementary materials to spruce up your display board. There are so many creative options when you just stop and think about it.

Yes it is tough to narrow down your choice to a single idea. Some things seem interesting before you begin them, but become boring when you try out the project. Electrical Conductors are easy and fun to do. Plus the display board does not get a very long look over when there is a working model to play around with.

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Science Fair Project and Display Board

It is the summer vacation. It is the last time you want to think about school work. Yet I think in the last post I made it clear why its a good idea to do some background work in advance. So if you have all that time to kill right now, put it to productive use. Get your ideas and thoughts together for the coming school year.

As it will all have to be done any way. Attending classes, assignments, sports try outs and competitions. These will all take up a major part of your productive time during the school year. You know its true. So get the science fair project out of the to do list and into the completed assignments box.

Pick out the idea you want to work on. Get the model made. Write out your report. Make the display board. In short have it all done and ready in the summer. The whole process is done with and over even before the pressures of school can begin to get you down.

Most often people are so fatigued by the time they get the project off the ground that they have no time to work on the display board. This is a big mistake. No matter how fantastic your project is, it will need an equally good display board to get noticed by the judges at the science fair. If you need more tips take a look right here. Just make sure that the whole package looks good when put together.

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Pay Attention to the Details on Your Display Board

The first impression your science project makes is hugely based on what your display board looks like. Even before you say a word or the judges have been able to figure out what scientific principle your project is based on. Or what science experiments you have been indulging in. That is the power vested in your display board.

Now consider how much thought you have given to it. Have you handwritten it or taken neat print outs? Is it all in black and white or have you added color and pictures to it?

By now you must have figured out exactly what I am trying to get at. You need to have a great display board to show case your science experiment. And in order to have a great display board you need to pay attention to all the details on the board. Plus you need to put in some extra effort to make it look stunning.

It will make sense to plan out exactly what you want your board to say. Is it going to give all the details, or just summarize a few well picked points? Especially true if you are making a project based on something like Electrical Conductivity. The writing style on the board, is it going to be formal or funky? How much of the project must it explain and how much should it leave to the actual presentation.

Think all the details through before you write a single word. That way you won’t waste time rewriting or reformatting the material. Once you are done with the writing, proof read the draft for any spelling mistakes or syntax errors. Then take the fair print out. That’s how you will end up with a display board worthy of your science project.

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Display Your Experiments Well

A science fair project can be a lot of fun. Getting all the material together. Making the first prototype. Fixing all the flaws to get it functioning. It is a process that you can really enjoy. All the fun that you had as you went through the experiments in your project is not enough. It needs to be reflected to your judges. This is done by your display of the project.

The display board and the actual layout is what will be seen before you are heard. So it makes sense to give some thought to how you are going to showcase your science fair project. The right sized stand and background will make a difference. As will the colors that you use.

If you have been working on the project all by yourself, it is a good idea to get a second opinion on what to highlight. Since each aspect will seem important to you get a friend or teacher to help you choose the vital from the important.

The basic theory and your hypothesis are an integral part of the display. There are other elements that you might need to consider which are listed out in detail here. It might be well worth your time to see what tips you can get from others. Make sure you have a definite idea in mind before you start on the display.

Only when you are sure of what you want to show off and what you want to hide, will the project look great. Make sure that the images or diagrams you are using are neatly drawn. It would be a good idea to get computerized print outs if you can’t sketch too well. Just make sure that everything looks great.

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Picking a Winning Topic is Just the Beginning

After choosing amongst the many ideas that you have for science projects you finally settled on one which you believe is a winner. Does that mean its smooth sailing from here onwards? Yes and no. Yes because you know what all you need to do for completing the project. No because now you might find your enthusiasm levels flagging.

Once you have your topic you should have made a list of actions that you must take to complete the project. At this point some people feel laid back and relaxed believing that the project is now well in hand. I would suggest that you make your science projects completely and test them well in advance.

The principles of science are simple, but making them work can be tricky. This is why you need to test your project and make sure that it is in correct working order. If you leave it too close to the date of the science fair you might find yourself running around at the last minute trying to fix flaws.

After you have got the working model in order you also need to make the display board and write your report. Make sure that these steps are part of your action list. The display board needs to be well thought out and decorated. This is going to help the Judges short list your project amongst the potential winners. The report should also be well written.

Once all elements of your project are completed you can take a second opinion from friends or family on what improvements can be made. If you have the time you can make these changes if you complete the project too close to the D day you won’t be able to do this step. The more inputs you get the better the project will be.

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Creating a Great Display Board

Are you a science enthusiast who loves to experiment? Do you come up with concepts that others would not attempt? Have you got tired of taking your entry to the science fair and never winning a thing? Do you wish you knew the secret to winning the prizes at the fair?

Participating is not enough these days. If you want to win you have to have a good project. You know that. You have a good project and you still don’t win. Then the problem might be with your presentation of the project to the judges.

Imagine the difficult task that the judges have. They must see so many functional and not so functional gadgets and experiments in a science fair. Then they must short list the ones that stood out above the rest so that they can pick out their winners.

So the way you display your project becomes as important as the actual project. If you are all set to get your project to the fair, here’s another thing you need to work on. Your display board.

You might have a few good ideas to start with and there are some more ideas that can help you listed here. Remember to make the display attractive and the judges will be sure to short list you in their list of potential winners.

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