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A Toothbrush to Monitor Your Brushing

A visit to the dentist is not the only way to tell if you are brushing your teeth properly. Now with the help of this new brush developed by a company called Beam you can actually get a report on your phone that tells you just how well you brushed your teeth.

The toothbrush is not electric so you will be manually brushing your teeth, but the phone app will be sent a report via Bluetooth. You can time your strokes and also monitor the daily progress ensuring that you brush your teeth more than the average time of 46 seconds that most people spend brushing their teeth.

That duration is woefully inadequate for brushing your teeth properly. It is why the brush also has a two minute timer which lets you know just how long you need to brush your teeth properly. The time is activated by the body’s own bio-electricity when the brush is placed inside the mouth.

The activated toothbrush then automatically sends the data to the smart phone of the user where it can be updated daily. The data is then analyzedlike in a science project based on the log generated and you are told how much of your brushing goal you have met.


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Navigate your Spaceship using Dead Stars

Currently navigation of spacecrafts is done by radio waves sent out into space from a network of ground stations located on Earth. As the spacecraft has to wait for instructions from Earth it makes navigation in space a lengthy and time consuming process. Now the European Space Agency is looking at a new navigation technique for spaceships.

They are hoping to use x-rays from dead stars to help the space ships navigate autonomously in space.  Researchers at the National Physics Laboratory have already been working on the navigation system in the solar system and hope to extend its capacity beyond into outer space.

Pulsars are the x-rays from dead stars which will be used to help the navigation of a large number of space crafts. The traditional navigation system can support only a limited number of spacecrafts. The news system will be a major improvement and will allow more than one space mission to be undertaken autonomously.

Researchers at the University of Leicester hope that using pulsars with regular frequency of emission will allow the news system to work as a new space GPS system. This will revolutionize the way space ship navigation occurs. It is still some ways from becoming a reliable navigation system but the ongoing science project is one which will have a major impact.

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A Purse that can Charge your Phone

In a futuristic world it would be possible to charge your phone on the go by merely dropping it into the right pocket in your purse. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? You would never run out of juice for your phone if you were charging it each time you stored it in your purse.

Well, its no longer futuristic and its no longer science fiction. You can in fact charge your phone in a purse today. Its called the “Everpurse” and was developed by Dan Salcedo for his wife Liz Ormesher Salcedo. Dan is a serial entrepreneur who developed the purse to help his wife, a social worker, who frequently would run down the battery of her cell phone.

The problem of the phone running out of juice each day was addressed by a number of experiments that began with off the shelf parts from electronic stores. Eventually Dan came u with the cute clutch that had cutting edge technology embedded in the lining which made it possible for Liz to charge her phone by merely dropping it into the pocket.

The Everpurse was put out on display last month to a crowd funding platform as the couple hope to raise money for its commercial production. This is one science project that is guaranteed to make investors sit up and take notice.

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Self Adjusting Glasses

Think of the number of visits you need to make to the optometrists and opticians to get the correct number for your eye glass lenses. What if you no longer had to do that? What if you could adjust the lenses in your glasses and make the blurry vision get clear and focused in an instant? “Eyejusters” may allow you to do just that!

Eyejusters is an Oxford based start up company which has developed a pair of eye glasses which can be focused by the wearer by merely turning a dial on the frame of the glasses. The glasses were developed from an original idea as old as 1920 by a pair of physics students and two engineers.

Oven Reading, co-founder of Eyejusters and Head of Business Development, said that they agreed that optometrists could provide a better standard of care but their glasses were particularly useful in parts of the developing world where people did not have access to prescription glasses.

Eyejusters has sold their glasses to a number of NGOs in Sudan, Uganda, Morocco and India. They are also available as over the counter reading glasses in the US. Some science projects can be truly helpful and financially beneficial.

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Non Allergic Milk?

If you are lactose intolerant and wonder if you would ever get to taste cow’s milk, the work that scientists are doing at the University of Waikato in New Zealand would be of interest to you. In their rather unique science project the researchers have genetically modified a cow that produces milk which lacks beta-lactoglobulin.

This is a protein which is found in cow’s milk but not in milk produces from a woman’s breast. This is the reason why some people are allergic to milk from cows which contains beta-lactoglobulin. The absence of this whey protein makes the milk low in allergy properties.

The absence of this protein in the milk has occurred due to a DNA modification technique known as RNA interference. The resulting cow was born with no tail, but the researchers say that was not likely to be a side effect of the genetic modification.

The cow was then given hormone treatments to make it jump start the production of milk, as it was not pregnant and was producing milk of its own. So if you are lactose intolerant and still want to taste cow’s milk , this low allergy milk produced in this science experiment should be your first choice.


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