Wonder of Transportation

The human race has revolutionized the means of transport available to it. They were not satisfied with walking as a means of exploring the world, and so worked on faster means of transport. The wheel is considered mankind’s greatest invention for the simple reason that it killed distances much faster than before.

A couple of centuries ago it would take months to cross a continent over land and sea if you planned to go from London to New York. Today you can cover that distance, doorstep to doorstep in a matter of hours using a combination of cars and aircraft.The better the means of transportation became the smaller the world got.

As the world began to shrink it was not uncommon for people of different continents to come together for a shared purpose. One such event is the ongoing sports meet in London, the summer Olympics.Can you imagine the number of cars, buses, rail and aircraft that have been put to use to bring each and every contingent from countries around the world to participate in the games?

Of all the science projects that have been undertaken perhaps we owe the most to the means of transportation that have been developed for the drastic change in our lifestyles. Faster, higher and better, rather akin to the motto of the Olympics.

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