Magnet Cars Racing Track

The best kinds of science fair projects are the ones which are interactive. This is one such science project which utilizes the principle of magnetism. It is easy to make and fun to use. Here is how we will make a magnet cars racing track.

Things you will need include two toy cars, four magnets and one cardboard sheet for the track. Now attach one magnet to the back of each toy car. Remember to use light weight cars that move well without much friction. That way when you bring the magnet in your hand close to the car it will repel against the magnet in the car and move forward.

Now design your race track on the cardboard sheet. Use your imagination and art supplies to create the track and its surroundings. Put up trees, tyre stacks and other buildings on the track.You can even make an area for spectators and populate it with action figures.

Color it up in the manner that you like and leave it to dry. Once the track is ready put the two race cars on to it and have a race with your friend.This is a simple to make science project that can spell lots of hours of fun.

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