Counting Lunar Craters

We use maps to get us to places that we have not been to before. They help us to reach an unseen area in ease. One of the most unexplored areas would have to be the moon. Not that we will be driving the family car to the moon very soon, but it could come to that sooner than you think. The map of the moon is an unfinished business and could make an ideal science fair project.

Of course counting all the lunar craters would be a very time consuming project so it would make sense to narrow down the scope of the project somewhat. There are two options here that you can use. In the first case you can count the lunar craters in a specific section of the moon. In the second case you can stick to counting lunar craters of a certain fixed diameter on the moon.

In either case you would have to get a number of lunar surface photographs to complete the science fair project. The Consolidated Lunar Atlas is a good source of such photos and a lot more useful information. If you look at the NASA images provided on their website online, you will be able to get some good data.

Once you collect all the data you will need to design histograms to display your findings. These will be the crux of your science fair project and must be drawn well. Certain sites would be able to help you create professional looking graphs for charts. Have fun counting the craters.

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