The magical vibrations of sound

Can you see sound? Oh yes you can. At least you can see the vibrations which are produced by the sound waves. Here are a few simple activities or science projects which will allow you to see sound. You can do these activities around the house. Some young kids may need parental supervision so make sure they are around to help.

For the first sighting of magical vibrations caused by sound you will need a bowl, some clingfilm to cover the bowl, some grains of rice or sugar, a baking tray and a wooden spoon. Now cover the bowl with the clingfilm and sprinkle the rice or sugar on top of it. Now hold the baking tray above the bowl, close to it but not touching it.  Use the wooden spoon to strike the baking tray to make a loud sound. The sound will travel in waves and reach the clingfilm and make it vibrate and because of this the rice or sugar on it will jump. And so you can see the vibrations of sound in them.

In the second experiment we will use a bit of modeling clay and a drinking straw. You will also need a volunteer friend or parent to help you. Here’s what you do. Locate the pulse of your volunteer on the wrist and place the modeling clay in the exact same spot. Now fix the drinking straw in the clay and watch it vibrate each time the heat beats. Try out more science projects here.

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