Be Specific About Your Project Idea

One of the most common pitfalls of starting with a science project is that you are not specific enough about exactly what it is that you wish to do. When you decide to plant trees in your garden, do you say to yourself  “I’ll plant a few fruit trees in my garden” or “I’ll plant one banana tree in the rear garden, one orange tree in the area below my bedroom window and one apricot tree near the gate”?

See what I’m getting at? If you know you what you want you can get it faster. Suppose you went to buy tree saplings and at the nursery the gardener asked you what plant you wanted how would you respond? If you were not specific about the trees you wanted before you went to buy them, you would waste time.

You would look at what all was available and wonder what would look good in the garden at home. Naturally you would still get the same trees you wanted, but the process would take much longer. This is because in the first instance you were not specific about exactly what you wanted.

It is the same with any science project that you may undertake. The more specific you are the easier it is for you to implement your idea and make the project. This is why you must have an eye for details. When you get a fledgling idea, whet it out for all the details that you can think of. That way you will save time at a later date. Besides the project will flow faster as well.

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