The Air We Breathe: A Science Project

The composition of the air we breathe is no longer the same as it was at the turn of the last century. That’s to the advance of technology and science we have at our disposal a number of gadgets that constantly change the composition of the air that we breathe. Be it the pollution from vehicles of the CFCs from aerosol sprays, we add pollution to the air each day.

Air is essential for us to live, and still we have no qualms about making it unfit to breathe by continuing our mindless polluting activities on a daily basis. The University of Maryland recently conducted some research on the sky worldwide. The scientists concluded that the sky has darkened over the world thanks to the soot particles and aerosols present in the air.

The one exception was the sky over Europe. The visibility in Europe is said to have increased since the 1980s and the sky is actually lighter here than over the rest of the world. This is attributed to the strict anti-pollution laws that Europe adheres to. The emissions tested here were found to have far less pollutants than those over the sky of the USA.

The air we breathe is precious. It is also a limited resource. Maybe its time that we got a bit more serious about saving the environment for future generations. That  is also a great idea for a science fair project. The green message is a compelling one and highly relevant to the world today. Think of how you can make it an interesting science project.

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