A Pet Improves Your Health

Human beings are social and need others around to keep them sane and productive. Yet, those who have pets seem to have a better handle on their emotional health. Over the years scientists have conducted studies into lives of pet owners and repeatedly come away with the conclusion that they have better health than non pet owners.

In a recent scientific study conducted at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center it was found that man’s best friend, the dog, may actually lead to improved mental health as chances of children who have pet dogs reduces the chance of them developing schizophrenia as an adult. Companionship and emotional health has always been associated with having a dog as a pet, this research takes it one step further.

Robert Yolken, M.D., chair of the Stanley Division of Pediatric Neurovirology and professor of neurovirology in pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center said that psychiatric disorders have been associated with alterations in the immune system.

Children who are exposed to pets at a young age develop better immunity and the research is trying to prove that this helps them later in life to avoid developing illnesses such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Now you know the best gift for your child is a fur baby!

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