Preserving Food to Feed the Planet

There is enough food being produced for every human being on the planet and yet there is famine and starvation. The misuse or waste of food resources leads to a number of people literally dying because of inadequate food to eat. What can we do in the future to avoid this?

The first thing to do would be to eliminate waste at the personal level. Don’t put more food on your plate than what you can eat. If you are eating out and the portions are too large to finish, carry home the rest of the meal and finish it. If the fruits that you have bought are about to rot, convert them into jam, juice, or even homemade wine.

The second thing to do is to eliminate waste at the society level. If you have a party and there’s lots of food left over, distribute it to the local shelter. Supermarkets that stock food should not let the products stay on the shelves till they expire. Instead keep track of what foods are not moving and about to expire and donate them to charities that help the underprivileged.

Turning a profit should not be more important than saving food from being wasted. There is research being done into delaying the decay or aging process of food, and these science projects will also be pivotal in ensuring that wastage of food is minimized in the future.

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