Avoiding the Future Food Crisis

The human population is growing much faster than in any other era in the past. The advance in science and technology has made it easier to avoid killer diseases, ensure babies are born healthy and the elderly get to live at least twice as long as in the previous century. This means more people on the planet than ever before.

The associated concern is how are we going to feed this growing population. The traditional farming practices are definitely not enough to keep the steady income of food going for this humongous population. In fact the dirt which is needed for a proper crop is also being used up at a rate much faster than the processes that create it. So how do we feed everyone in the future?

Agricultural practices that will help avoid the food crisis looming on us could include having robotic farmers, who will cut down the repetitive and boring job for farmers and work as and when required. Another practice could be to use GM crops that yield higher outputs. Saving the fertile soil that grows crops better is another priority. There are many science projects being performed to keep us in food in the future.

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