Too Good To Waste

Often we have things lying around the house which are in perfect working condition, but are no longer being used by us or our family members. These things may end up in the trash during an intensive spring cleaning session. This is a true waste because it could have been used by someone else who actually required it.

In the United Kingdom a reuse charity that is called “Too Good to Waste” has set about making a difference. The South Wales based organization is collecting household items like furniture and electrical appliances, and surplus stock from high-street retailers. These items are then sold at very reasonable prices at their showrooms. This helps fund their collection drives, but they also have a number of volunteers working with them.

They often team up with other organizations to give away items that are needed in the local community for free as well. The charity is working at being self sustaining, while creating jobs for locals and saving the environment. They intend to serve local communities through developing and implementing sustainable social enterprise. Now this is one social science experiment that can be considered a huge success.

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