Messy Science Experiments

Making a mess and learning science often go together. Unless you create a mess  you will never learn what works well and what does not. The trick is not to get scared when you make a mess. Also it helps if you limit making a mess to a single room, so that your mother doesn’t get too tired picking up after you. And if you help tidy up the mess as soon as you’ve made it, I’m sure she would not mind you making another one.

The truth is that is is fun doing science experiments which may turn out messy. Not for nothing are the jokes about explosions in chemistry labs funny. Remember how often Archie Andrews gets into trouble over his science projects with Professor Flutesnoot? It is his messy experiments that teach him what he should not do the next time. Not that making explosions is the ideal way to learn chemistry.

If you are likely to do an experiment which has a chemical component, do make sure that there is an adult supervisor present. And make sure that potentially hazzardous experiments are only done in the presence of adequate safety precasutions. Unlike Archie Andrews you will not suddenly heal up in the next picture.  So remember safety first and if possible no dangerous  chemicals.

Given here is an experiment that will be fun and can be messy too. Best of all its about something that all of us find fascinating…Rockets! So take a look at this potential science project idea and see how much fun you can have with it.

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