Generating Interesting Science Fair Ideas

By the time you get to high school the magic of science has begun to fade. The gadgets that fascinated you as a child have become matter of fact. The excitement over how things work has dulled. Other things matter more than generating science fair ideas.

Our schooling system is partly to blame for this apathy. There is little scope for you as students to expand your knowledge and understanding of science. Plus no one wants to seek these answers and be considered a geek in high school.

It does not matter that the geek is far more likely to succeed in life. This is because he is focused on his passion. In high school it’s the sports heroes who rule not the science fair award winners.

So the trick to being popular in high school is to participate in many and varied activities. Try out for sports teams, appear for quizzes, become a reporter for the school newspaper, and then put up a smashing entry for the science fair.

Science experiments which are interactive in nature are less likely to be considered geeky so consider such science fair ideas. In fact a working model may even be considered cool. So if you are a closet geek in high school, don’t give up on your passion for science. Just camouflage it and you will be just fine.

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