Space Probes to Intercept Asteroids

The consequences of a potential asteroid strike on earth are literally life threatening. In order to minimize this threat the researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMI in Freiburg are working hard at different science projects. The ultimate aim of keeping earth, and therefore human beings, safe is actually divided into different parts.

The first would be identifying potential threats, and this is what Frank Schäfer is doing as he studies the larger asteroids which have the potential to wipe out entire cities or regions. He is currently throwing space probes to intercept medium sized asteroids and observing the disintegration process of small asteroids and the deviation from its path in larger asteroids.

Both the methods would work in order to avoid impact with Earth. In the experimentation process it was discovered that the more porous the asteroid is the less likely it is to be affected by a probe. So a space probe is likely to work only on a more dense material asteroid.

While currently no large asteroid is seen heading our way, it does pay to be prepared for any such eventuality in the future. Maybe some early warning systems could be improved and more ways to deal with asteroids be developed in future science projects undertaken.


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