When Asteroids Strike

Armageddon comes Ancient Greek term that refers to a site where the end of days will occur. It is a term that was used as a popular movie’s name where an asteroid strike was about to literally bring the end of days to human life on earth. That may have been a movie, but the threat of an asteroid strike affecting life on earth is not fiction.

It is widely believed by scientists that the Tsunamis and acid rain that occurred 65 million years ago on Earth causing the mass extinction of close to 50% of species then living, was caused by a giant asteroid strike. The asteroid is believed to have been 10 kilometers wide and is said to have hit the earth in the region today known as the Gulf of Mexico.

The impact of the asteroid hit caused a crater that was 170 kilometers wide. The earth literally was covered in darkness as clouds of dust arose and the oceans churned out of control at the big splash. Yes, this is supposed to be the reason why dinosaurs went extinct. So how would just such a scenario be met today?

Does man really have the system in place to warn him of a potentially disastrous asteroid strike? Can he really deploy nuclear missiles in to space to ensure that such an asteroid does not hit earth? And will the human race survive such a defense? Wouldn’t that make the subject of an interesting science project?


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