Pay Attention to the Details on Your Display Board

The first impression your science project makes is hugely based on what your display board looks like. Even before you say a word or the judges have been able to figure out what scientific principle your project is based on. Or what science experiments you have been indulging in. That is the power vested in your display board.

Now consider how much thought you have given to it. Have you handwritten it or taken neat print outs? Is it all in black and white or have you added color and pictures to it?

By now you must have figured out exactly what I am trying to get at. You need to have a great display board to show case your science experiment. And in order to have a great display board you need to pay attention to all the details on the board. Plus you need to put in some extra effort to make it look stunning.

It will make sense to plan out exactly what you want your board to say. Is it going to give all the details, or just summarize a few well picked points? Especially true if you are making a project based on something like Electrical Conductivity. The writing style on the board, is it going to be formal or funky? How much of the project must it explain and how much should it leave to the actual presentation.

Think all the details through before you write a single word. That way you won’t waste time rewriting or reformatting the material. Once you are done with the writing, proof read the draft for any spelling mistakes or syntax errors. Then take the fair print out. That’s how you will end up with a display board worthy of your science project.

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