Science Fair Projects for Seniors Need Depth

The scope of science is so vast that picking up ideas for science fair projects should seem really simple. Unfortunately not everyone is too creative at coming up with new ideas for the science fair. Why else would we be seeing the baking soda volcano, the solar system model, the litmus paper test and the conductivity tester every year?

It is true that it is much simpler to do what has been done before. Yet it is also true that these repetitive projects are not the ones that win the awards. What wins the award is something new and innovative. Where the involvement of the student is clearly seen by the judges of the competition.

By the time you reach high school you are expected to have a sound science background for the basic principles. You are supposed to know that acids are corrosive. That beyond the seven visible colors of the rainbow you have X-rays and gamma rays at one end of the spectrum and radio waves and microwaves at the other end.

You know about sound being measured in decibels. About the temperatures measured in Celsius and also in Fahrenheit. Now that you know all these things, you are expected to base your science fair projects on some such principle. Preferably with a working model which proves your hypothesis. Only then will you end up with an award winning project.

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