Rumbling Earthquakes

Earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates rubbing against each other in the Earth’s crust.These are the cause of mountains and valleys on the Earth. In fact the hot core of the planet is what has ensured that life survived and flourished here. They are not all doomsday and destruction.

With the recent spate of earthquakes that have been experienced over the globe in the last decade there is no need to testify to the destructive force that they can be. Human populations in urban areas are what get affected the worst in case of earthquakes. Here are some science projects that could help us deal with them in the future.

Make a study of how likely an earthquake is to strike your state and city. Naturally those states located within the “ring of fire” are likely to have a higher probability of an earthquake hitting them. Come up with the statistics of past earthquakes in the region and use them as a guideline to predict the damage that any future earthquakes in the area may do.

Work out an earthquake rescue plan for your neighborhood. It need not be very elaborate but try and deal with essentials like water, food and medicines. The science project will give you an idea of just what to expect in a real life earthquake situtation.


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